White-label escrow SaaS.

Provide your app users secure escrow service supported by Paynco and Stripe.

const ok = await fetch('https://api.paynco.com/offers', {
method: 'POST',
body: JSON.stringify({
offer: {
name: 'Awesome drawing',
price: 120.00,
}).then(response => response.status === 201)


Getting started

Learn how to set up Paynco in your project in three steps.


Step-by-step guides to setting up your project.

API reference

The API reference contains documentation about authentication, transactions, etc.

Quick start

To start you'll need an API authentication key issued by Paynco. You can obtain one by visiting app.paynco.com and requesting a new API key.


To make a request to the Paynco API endpoint you'll need a valid API key issued for your organization. You can test your key by calling the command below. On success the request will return a list of transactions with a 200 HTTP status code.

curl -m 70 -X GET https://api.paynco.com/transactions \
-H "Authorization: <api-key>"

Getting help

We're always there to help you with any issues regarding integration.

Submit an issue

Are you experiencing any issues? Contact us at the in-app support chat or email us at info@paynco.com.